not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, December 03, 2007

Last night I got out a little box of Christmas decorations that I brought from the States. A nativity set, a Santa, a snowman, a few stars, and a few tree decorations. I set it all out, lit some candles, sat down in the quiet and felt the season begin.

I crave being home with family and friends this Christmas and at the very same time, I'm thankful to be here in this place, this wonderful and tragic and beautiful place, with these friends and family we've made over the past two years, being exposed to a different life, a different reality, complexities abound....and I am brought even more to the appreciation of it all as I think of the end of my mission in June. It comes closer everyday~

"Be where you are"

That's what comes to me these days. BE WHERE YOU ARE in this time in this place.

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MaMa Gast said...

Awesome state of mind. Good reminder this morning. There is something to be said about "love the one your with", it can bring so much more fullfillment than yearning for what is momentarily unavailable.