not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's Monday night. I don't have much juice so this'll be short. I'm listening to the sandy smooth voice of Freddy Cole, Live at Birdland West which is the perfect thing to listen to right now. I love that...when you put on some music and it's like, ahhhhhhh, exactly ...and you just kind of settle in with it. I think I'll climb into my bed early tonight. Some fever bug rolled into our office last week like a big ugly bully of a bowling ball. I was the first pin, followed within a day or two by Lynn, Patric, and others. Aiooooo. I am on the mend but body still tired so Nightie-night.

Leo left for Hikka this morning on the early train. Stay tuned for shop-pics, you and me both :)
I got a message from him early saying that he got out on his board today for the first time this season. Conditions a bit rough, the waves were workin' people but it felt good to be out for awhile. This pic isn't from today but I just remembered it so here it is...

6 days til Jess comes.

Peaceful day to you,

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