not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's Tuesday night after a full and good Tues-Day. Got important work done with a trip to the gym with Leo in between. I stayed a little late at the office to finish something up, then Leo and I went out for dinner. We just came back from the Gallery Cafe. As always, good food and cozy laid back yet celebratory ambience, and friendly waitstaff. Leo's leaving in the morning by train to Hikkaduwa so we enjoyed a nice evening out together before he takes off. I have a busy rest of the week at work and then I'll head down for an overnight like last weekend. The season is in the process of changing. I feel it in the climate. The air, the clouds, the barometer, the temperature. I feel it in my head, in my skin....Perhaps I should have been a weather-woman. I can predict rain better than any weather channel.

It's October and as the season is changing here and I feel it in the ways I feel it, I think of the change of seasons back home and remember the ways I sensed it.

The wind blows and you can smell the new season on the breeze. The cool, the colors, the crunch of the leaves. Socks, sweaters, chilly mornings and evenings. Mmmmm. Sounds so good. I think about the they love the change in seasons too. I can just picture those wet noses raised against the breeze, savouring the moment of freshness, whispers of winter. I remember Kodie loving to stand with his nose to the wind, like he was listening or reading or understanding something lovely and complex. Kodes.... Some of my favorite memories of the DC years are of early Saturday or Sunday mornings when I'd wake up early, put the dogs in the truck and head to the forest for a hike. When I say "put the dogs in the truck" what I really mean is open the screen door and watch them sprint down the length of the courtyard to the parking lot, to the truck, and dancing with exuberance and impatience for me to open the back door. Makes me smile to think of those mornings.

Our calendar picture for the month of October says CONGREGATE. The picture is a bunch of shoes piled up outside of a door. That reminds me of home too. Pile of shoes. Lots of friends and family all in one place. Congregate. Mmmm~

Where-ever you are, as your season changes, as your day unfolds, blessings to you~

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