not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Saturday, August 25, 2007

sunday morning musing

the rain is here this morning pulling a blanket over the sky and the passing traffic says shhh. we stayed in bed a little longer, everything seems lulled by the misty wet. all except the crazed buses whose manic dissonant horns not even the rains can quell.
it's been a nice, quiet weekend. we finished Harry Potter yesterday afternoon and were not disappointed. we enjoyed a delicious sushi lunch. i went to Patric's last night for a quiet evening with friends. we had a little belated celebration of Imalini's 9th birthday. Having just returned from 4 weeks in France, Patric shared good wine, and two different seafood pates, special olives, and quail eggs. There was another English Premier League marathon (futebol, soccer) last night so Leo was happily keeping score. This morning I am meeting my friend Kelly at a little spa called Sanctuary for a pedicure, a Sunday morning tradition we have once a month. The rest of the day is unplanned which feels great.

today is Papa Blandford's birthday. blessings to Papa for a good year. we love you loads.

Safe travels to lynn and pindi who are leaving for singapore this morning for a few days.

have a peaceful day,

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