not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, July 02, 2007


My training is going well. Learning a lot. Amazing people from and working all around the world. Lots of experiences to share with each other, things to ponder, my mind is buzzing. Today I wished my mom was there. She'd have loved the discussions.

Leo and I spent the weekend together and the weather was perfect. We walked all around the old city, met a friend from DC for drinks, bought fresh rasberries and red currents from the market and found a grassy spot along the lake and napped, snacked, read, and people watched. Fresh air, nice smells, no trash. ahhhh.

Sunday we took a train up and out of town. Got off the train and Leo found a little farm road that wound its way behind some houses and into the hills so we followed it. There was an old stone fence/wall that lined the old road and up and up we climbed. We heard bells from the cows far off grazing. The farm-road ended at a farm so we headed off into the grass over the hill and found a spot to sit and enjoy the mountain-moment. We took our shoes off, the breeze was sweet and chilly, the sun was warm. We just sat quiet for awhile. Felt so good. Eventually we made our way back down and took the train back to Geneva.

Today I was back in training. I have 3 more days to go. Leo decided to head across the French border to Chamonix for a little mountain time. He was enjoying wine, bread, cheese, and olives this evening which he bought at the market and has dried apricots, bread, and nutella for breakfast tomorrow. He's got plans laid out for tomorrow. I'm glad he came. Mountain in the mountains. Sounds like he's enjoying. We'll meet up again on Wednesday evening.

It stays light here so much longer than in Sri Lanka. Makes it easy to loose the time. A few ladies from my class and I headed out to find dinner this evening. We walked a'ways in the rain and I spotted some blackberries growing along the road. They were delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the ladies in the rain. Brains full, bellies empty, long-term tired from the past few months of work, we laughed at nothing, ate berries, told stories. The sky looks like early evening but it's late. Time for bed. Sweet dreams.

Peace to our friends in Sri Lanka.


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