not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, June 18, 2007

For our dads

Pops taught me many things but today I remember that he taught me to see the green blue freshness of the natural world, God. God is all around. to quiet myself as we slow the car close to a field or a young sparse forest in which there is a good possibility for spotting deer, count them, watch them as keen on our presence they raise their heads, frozen breathing golden beautiful statues in the evening, I hold my breath too. and their white tails flash and they bound fastly silent away through deeper trees. appreciate that golden hour of the evening. how beautiful the trees. how beautiful the forest. God is in all these things, in this golden hour.

Papa taught Leo many things. I asked him just now, what did you learn from your dad when you were a kid....the two things that came fast were, unconditional love....and he taught me how to swim.

the significance of those things brings tears to my eyes because it is so Leo. Leo is the most loving, non-judgemental person that I know and he LOVES the water, needs the water, he's a fish, a pisces.

We are so very thankful for you both, for that which you've taught us, for what you continue to teach through how you do life and the vibe that glows from you and the words you speak and what you choose to do, and not do. you are compassionate rebels, free-thinkers, you stoke our seeker spirits. We thank God for you.

Love, Sara & Leo

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David said...

I remember holding Sara in my arms shortly after she'd been born; it was late at night the 2nd night home from the hospital . . . and suddenly knowing I was holding a little part of God . . .