not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, May 25, 2007

May 24th

Our anniversary has come and gone (despite the blog date, it is now Friday the 25th), but we are stretching it out as long as we can. Sara tried to post a blog last night but was mired in technical difficulties which transported her undoubtedly poetic heartfelt blog into oblivion. Hence, the less poetic testosterone blunted version.

Yesterday was a good day (minus the days activities of civil strife). Sara was in a state of elevation. She walked around all day about 2 feet off the ground. Something about anniversary's and certain holidays puts her in a happy, nothing-can-get-me-down, ethereal bubble - that's how she levitates.

In her euphoric state-of-mind she can do the impossible. I've been trying to get our cable company to come to our house for the past two months. But Sara calls then *poof* they arrive later in the day and ask, "How long have you been waiting?", "TWO MONTHS," I reply, "oh, sorry sir, they just called us today, we always complete the work they give us." Sweet Sara has the Midas touch. Not everything she touches turns to gold but she sure does have a golden way about her.

We celebrated the day with dinner at Number 18. A fancy restaurant that we tend to forget about. Dinner was fabulous! And we had the whole trendy retro place to ourselves for a good hour before people started showing up.
When we got home we reminisced over the past four years and looked at pictures of our wedding day. We are blessed with family and friends. Anniversaries are a good time to reflect on how we have grown and experienced life together.

Today we are off to a secluded beach villa down south. A nice getaway where we can indulge in our guilty pleasure. Guilty, only because it is really nice, clean and expensive, not the typical standards for Ceylon. It will be a good place to sit, be still , and reflect. Albeit in the lap of luxury.

I'm sure we will have some good pictures to share next week. Thanks to all for the emails and we will be thinking of you all, our countless blessings, this weekend.

With love from us to you.

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