not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When I got to work yesterday, there were 3 boxes piled up on my chair that had come from the States. They were Christmas presents and things we bought in December but didn't want to carry in our luggage (books, pancake mix, lotion, and some other goodies). When I got home last night Leo and I sat in the living room going through our stuff :) Like a Christmas time-capsule.

In one of the boxes were my multivitamins. I've been dreaming about that little jar of vitamins. Made from 100% organic whole-food nutrients (no synthetics), they also have Lactobacillus cultures like acidophilus & bifidus (the good stuff that's in yogurt). I've been strengthening my system by taking iron supplements, eating more greens and raw foods, and exercising so these vitamins are coming at a good time.

Speaking of strengthening my system, I was able to squeeze in a visit to the gym at lunchtime with Leo today. I signed up for 6 months of gyming. Leo's a good influence. He's healthy and fit and taking good care of his body these days.

On our calendar for April is written STRENGTHEN. I started thinking tonight of all the friends and family members who are in the process of strengthening some aspect of their lives or their bodies...whether it be our hands, our knees, our sense of balance, our mind, our memory, our life-dreams, our spirit, our relationships, our faith, or our courage... let it be so~

And with that, I'm off to bed. G'night all, sleep peaceful and wake rested.

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Mark Blandford said...

Hello Sara! This is long lost Uncle Mark. Doug dropped the name of your blog in an email, so I wanted to come and check it out. Good to hear that you guys are happy and healthy. We are doing good. It has been three years, this week, that we moved into the "home place." It's only been a couple of weeks ago that I finished the last project in remodeling this house. I told mama we were going to change some things, to make it our home, but I didn't know it was going to be so drastic!

Our grandson, Rylan, turned one last week. Grandparenting is great.

I will check on you guys now that I know about your blog.