not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cricket crazy

Last night Sri Lanka won the semi-final in the Cricket World Cup. While Leo and I are not wild Cricket fans (save for the sweet creatures in meadow grass back home), we are keenly aware that this country we find ourselves in is quite fanatical about the sport. Thus, we are beginning to assimilate. At this very moment in fact, Leo is eating his rice & curry in front of the "teli" watching Cricket.

I just peeked at him and his eyebrows are raised, eyes are bugging, Jove, I think he might be "into it". We are learning the rules slowly but surely and the more we understand, the more interesting the matches are to watch. The last time Sri Lanka won the World Cup was 1996, also a conflictual, difficult time in the nations history and the victory was something completely removed from politics and something that the Sri Lankan people could gather together to celebrate. We hear from our friends and colleagues that those days following the 1996 World Cup victory were beautiful, especially given the context the country found itself in at that particular time. Tonight Australia and South Africa play to see who will play Sri Lanka in the final match on Saturday. We will be watching the match on Saturday eager for a national victory, eager for something that will bring this torn country together, if even for a few sweet days.

That's about all for tonight good chaps. Fare thee well and dream brilliant dreams and....Hey Erik in the West Indies, "Chee-s Gov'na!"

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Chaz said...

Yeah, I got cricket for my PS2, figuring that by playing it, I'd get it. Nope, still don't have a clue. Miss you both!