not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, March 02, 2007

it's friday night and i'm feelin' alright

after a full work day, i stopped in at the garden bar of my colleagues for a little social stimulation. they had a little band, quite a crowd, and cold beer. it was SO HOT in Colombo today. More hot than it's been in a long time. i stayed for a couple hours, met some nice norwegians (gotta love that!). came home and showered the day and the bar time off, ate a bowl of cereal (vitamin enriched bran flakes with iron enriched soymilk) and now i'm sittin' here with you good folk. got some maynard ferguson/buddy rich playing and life is good. i'm glad to have the weekend. i'm already enjoying it. i still have to throw some things in a bag for tomorrow morning's train ride south but then i get to curl up in bed with my book. i'm reading THE RIGHT MOUNTAIN, Lessons from Everest on the real meaning of success by Jim Hayhurst, Sr. (former chairman of Outward Bound Canada).

Leo and the boys are checking out a possible "wakeboarding" session on the lagoon tomorrow (behind a boat on the jungle side). sounds fun and reminiscent of water skiing with Dave and Elaine in MI when we were kiddies.

Have a good Friday and weekend everybody.

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Aunt Della said...

Friday here isn't quite as beautiful and your lovely picture. We are pretty white. Hope you two have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. We are waiting impatiently for the robins to arrive here in N. Michigan.