not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dinner with Duncan & friends

What a great evening!! I went swimming with a colleague tonight, the official beginning of my health kick. She was teaching me flip-turns, patiently. A few big-dawg crows decided it was an entertaining scene and sat on the ledge where we were practicing. Watching, heads moving back and forth :) The more the merrier I s'pose.

At one point I looked up and saw DUNCAN, our kindred spirit brother from OZ, the person Leo and I were going to meet later tonight for dinner. He was at the pool too. He had just landed in Colombo from a surf tour in the Maldives and was taking a quick dip before dinner.

Duncan and beautiful partner Alice lived and worked in Sri Lanka for most of last year. My bro Erik hooked us up in Hikkaduwa and we have appreciated each other's company ever since. They left Sri Lanka in the fall last year so Duncan's few day visit to Colombo is truly special.

Duncan and I hitched a tuktuk ride to the Cricket Club where we met up with several other Duncan-fans, including Leo and sweet soul friend Mary. We met new people too. A couple who just returned from Everest Base Camp (!!), a guy who surfs Hikkaduwa and recognized Leo as the Longboarder on the beachbreak, and several other good folk.

Just got home (midnight) and one of us has office duty in the morning so I'm off to snooze.

Love to all of you.

I imagine Christi's in Germany and she and Jessica are being happy sisters. Blessings on their time.

Sweet sweet dreams~Peace

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em said...

you'll have to teach me the flip turn trick when i see you.

blessings on your time with your kindred spirits this week!