not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

shrove tuesday

today is shrove tuesday, known by some as "fat tuesday" or mardi gras. it is the day before ash wednesday, the first day of the lent and churches around the world are holding pancake dinners or something similar, which here in sri lanka sounds soooooo good :) traditionally, shrove tuesday or fat tuesday was the last chance to rid the home of fatty foods in preparation for fasting. what better way to use up the eggs, sugar, flour, and butter in the pantry than with a big pancake dinner?

remembering my home church, the church of st. clement in alexandria virginia as i prepare myself for tomorrow. not that i'm doing anything special to prepare....just inside of myself. feeling quiet, pensive, prayerful. wondering what this year's Lent will mean. In a country at war, in a world and a time such as this, what is there to "do"....what can I "give up" best can I use this time, what should I focus on?

Offering that question sincerely up to cosmic winds, awaiting the magnetic pull of my eyes to some word, or my ears to some sound, like the needle of a compass. Holding myself still and waiting for my orientation, for my direction.

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