not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, January 29, 2007

rambling experience on a monday night

bearing witness to life, LIFE...rambling experiences, all connected in my heart and mind

six below in sioux falls yesterday
84.8 above in sri lanka tonight.

i drove home from work tonight in the rain. i drove in colombo, a car, with the rearview mirror to the left of my head, the stickshift in my left hand, my car on the leftside of the road. i crossed the canal. i drove around the cow and some people. "hi lady!" someone cooed, i drove on. pulled up beside Big Daddy's house and Big Daddy's little sister whoop'd and clapped her hands when see saw ME driving a CAR. The security guard looked into my open window with suspicion and then yahooo'd a joyful loud sound and clasped my free hand smiling his beetlejuice red-tooth smile of pride. Verrrrry good madame! You have Sri Lankan license? Verrrrrry goood! You park here, no problem. Ha-haaaaaa!!

Peru and Equador welcome the moms and friends. Have a wonderful time, blessings, soak it all up. Say hi to Old Turtle and other wise beings....trees and rocks and such~
Wave to Thor Hyerdahl's face in the moss on that log on the trail in that amazing place that someday you'll tell us about with pictures and your ecstatic faraway smiles~

a baby was born friday and we hold him up in prayer. another baby was born today, and we hold her up in prayer. welcome to the world little ones. we scramble into position, not knowing who we are to you exactly, but offering our unconditional welcome and love nonetheless...

one more baby just about to join us....still nestled tight. we await your sweet arrival in bristol, england you hikkaduwa pisces you~

lots of good things happening in the world. for these things we give thanks.
lots of scary, sad, confusing, horrible moments passing too and for these we still ourselves and send out our be soaked in and received both now and later, whenever it's needed, with the knowledge that there is ever-more goodness where that came from.

Peace to those who need peace tonight.
Sending it with all sincerity~

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Chaz said...

Waddup, Dawgs? Greetings from balmy Alexandria, VA - it's 20 degrees outside!!!