not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

rambling wednesday

A bit of journaling about what's up with us:
this morning leo went to the south coast as a short-term consultant for a non-profit organization. he'll be interacting with fishermen, farmers, and villagers for the next few days and i think he's going to enjoy his time. i will meet him at the beach on saturday morning for a long weekend. next monday is POYA (full moon, Buddhist holiday) and we will return to Colombo that day.
i am coming down the home stretch. lots of reports and a few big meetings before leaving in 8 DAYS. we'll have the laptop at the beach and i'll surely mix fun and work saturday and sunday.

tonight i hauled out the suitcases and pulled out our winter duds. airing them out a bit. they smell like our dawgies. makes my heart soft for the memory of Kodie and the anticipation of seeing our sweet Shadow in just a few weeks. I'm getting excited and feeling very thankful for the opportunity to come home.

of course, it'll not feel long enough but my goal is to focus on the together moments and rest in thankfulness for the time we DO HAVE. the anticipation of seeing you, our family our friends, has brought many SMILES to my face unpredictably uncontrollably and i love it.

on the way home we will stop in London. We will see our sweet beach boy brother KALU and his very pregnant wife Wendy. Kalu in mittens and a stocking cap!! I can hardly picture it. We will bring him some Hikkaduwa vibe and warm hugs from his band of brothers, we will take pictures of him to bring back to the beach in January, bearing witness to his new and exotic London life as a husband and father and journeying seeker :) We have other London friends we may see if the time is right. Otherwise we have some markets and breakfast nooks and fun frolicky things to do, not to mention COLLAPSE AND SLEEP STRETCHED OUT HORIZONTALLY :) We land in the USA on December 10th.

this quiet evening, my prayers flow fast for many things, for many people, for many situations close to my heart~sending them out and upwards~may they gain strength in being spoken/written~

I pray for Healing
I pray for Strength and Patience
I pray for Trusting in the Perfect Unfurling
I pray for Peace
I pray for sufficient Energy to finish
I pray for Protection

let it be so and amen.

sweet dreams,

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Anonymous said...

Hey Darlin,

Any chance you and Mr. Leo will be hitting Alex. anytime over your trip Stateside? We'd love to see you.