not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Julie the Fly

I share an office with 2 colleagues and a fly. Fly's name is Julie. We have co-habitated for quite awhile now. So long in fact that we've actually gotten to know Julie quite well. She has co-dependent tendencies (clingy, likes to be close the eyes, to the nose, just our faces in general suites her), loves to sit on the edge of our tea cups, sometimes invites friends and neighbors like her little fly-sister Juliette and cousin Barbara-Mozzie. We tire of her quickly when she's in her needy moods. Swatting gently, don't wanna kill her, just move her away from our faces.... "Oh Julie, go AWAY" is a daily, sometimes HOURLY exclamation.
This morning we were asked by our Administration Office if we wanted our office FOGGED on Saturday (because of all the dengue-fever and Chikungunya going around). We had to think long and hard about that one....what would happen to Julie?.....but in the end, we decided we needed to FOG. No one wants to be "that which bends up" one wants the 'gunya.

Later in the afternoon, my Frenchman colleague received his piping hot cup of tea with milk and sugar, Julie's favorite. Suddenly, from across the room, JULIE came flying like a bird, like a plane, like SUPERJULIE......headfirst into the milky sugar-tea.

The three of us stared at the cup.....aghast. Julie?......Julie?!!

We called our other colleague in from the neighboring office....COME QUICK, IT'S JULIE!!

The Frenchman, "plait'il?" et "gentil" sweet man that he is, gently scooped Julie out of his tea cup and placed her lovingly upon a post-it note on the desk....we all held our breath. Within seconds her little legs began to twitch. We breathed a sigh of relief. Our neighboring colleague came rushing in, WHERE IS SHE?

We looked on for a few more seconds as she lay on her back, sugar milk tea soaked. Was she taking her life in front of us all, making a dramatic exit....was it because we decided to FOG this Saturday?

Cigarettes were lit. Conversations and smoke and our awareness drifted to other topics such as the conflict & human rights~

And then it happened......Julie's legs did a little dance bringing our awareness back and once our focus was back on her, she mustered her energy and.....FLEW......!! FLEW!! DID A CIRCLE AROUND OUR HEADS AND THEN.....FLEW AWAY.....OUT THE OPEN WINDOW....Sweet Julie-fly is alive.....we cheered and smiled and laughed.

Will she be there in the morning? Has she left us for good? Who knows....but thankfully, she didn't die in our tea. Sweet milky tea Julie-fly is flyin' around happy, somewhere.

Gotta count our blessings on days like today. The fact that Julie made it out of the tea and window alive is something to celebrate. The rest of the day was somewhat depressing. So....thanks Jules....for the happy ending.

See ya tomorrow?

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