not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, November 17, 2006

friday freedom

It's FRIDAY! The weekend stretches out before me like a big open meadow. ~Ahhhhh~

Tonight I went with some friends to a backyard bar. We hunkered down under a tin-n-palm thatched roof and swig'd a few Lions while the sky emptied itself of all its rain. I caught an early ride home with a friend. "Home" feels a little empty without Mountain but I am nonetheless ecstatic to be here with the work-week behind me and the freedom to do whatEVER I want for the next few days.
Just got a little phone message from Leo. He and the beach boys in Hikkaduwa are street snackin' on a Sri Lankan evening favorite called ROTTI, getting geared up for a night of drumming and dancing to the pounding rain :) As for me, I'm freshly showered, sarong'd, my flute is across my lap, got my tunes playing, and I'm a bloggin' singin' flutin' machine.

Welcome home to the Chinaman. My dad's been workin' the past few months in China and just returned home today. Wishing you a sweet homecoming and a restful weekend. Speaking of China, y'all know Abigail Washburn? Check her out.....born in Illinois but grew up in Chengdu China, plays sweet banjo, even sings in Mandarin on some of the album tracks. Her album, Songs of a Traveling Daughter is worth checking out. I love it.

Feeling the effects of down time, quiet time, home time, me time, mindwandering time already. Did I mention that I LOVE THAT IT'S FRIDAY?! Mmmmmm.

Cheers to the boys at the beach, may the beat be sweet and the groovin' groovy.

Hugs and smiles and peace peace peace from HomeDawg Sarabelle~

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Doug said...

Welcome back home David...hope you and Eva have the best holidays ever.
Sarabelle...let's have a contest for the best caption to the picture of you in a Friday rapture!