not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Saturday, October 14, 2006

stories from day 2

Sunrise, monkeys, birds, passionfruit, and millipedes.

Zach woke up early and took a nature walk. After breakfast and a shower in the "open to the elements" bathroom, we were back on the road with Ranjith with promises to come back to Tree of Life.

Next destination: Kitulgala @ Mahabagay Resort

We had a 4 hr ride through climbing lush green hills before we arrived at Kitulgala. It is a small little known about place built right over a small river/waterfall.

Only 4 rooms and we were the only ones there. Nonetheless there was a full kitchen staff ready to serve up some delicious Sri Lankan fare. It always comes as a pleasant surprise to restaurant staff when we order Sri Lankan food.
After a wonderful lunch, we threw the french doors open to our neighboring rooms which faced the river and read, napped, and chatted. We did a couple hour nature hike through the back hills which was a mix of jungle, manicured tea plants, and rubber trees.

It ended in a nice little waterhole where we cooled our toes, Zach and Leo jumped in, I dunked my head in and laid on the rocks. Ferns, huge trees, old stone stairways tucked away amidst palm fronds and late afternoon golden sun. We were giddy and high on the lushness. Beginning to unwind.

That evening we swam in the river-fed pool, had another delicious meal, sat on our terrace over the river and watched as electric bluegreen dragonflies gave way to fireflies and our eyes drooped with travel, drink, and feast. We laughed, listened to music, and fell asleep.

We had to rest up for our first white water rafting experience the next morning and a full day of minivan travel after that.

Stories and pictures from Day 3 to follow soon.


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Doug said...

Love the foto of Sara relaxing on the veranda...and the backs of Leo and Zack on the forest path. Oh, man, I ache with a mix of jealousy and reverie. ``Rapt in nameless
reveries.'' --Tennyson.