not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Day 3 in hill country

Hidden amongst hills and tea plantations are beautiful cool refreshing rivers. The movie, Bridge Over the River Kwai was filmed here (don't worry, we've never seen or heard of the movie either).

Day 3, we left the serenity of the riverside cottage early in the morning for another river experience, white-water rafting.

Kitulgala's reputation as the white-water rafting capital of Sri Lanka is growing.

Ranjith, our tour guide, arranged our first white-water experience. We've learned that Sri Lanka has high grade rafting and kayaking rivers mingled throughout the hills. The river is graded a 3 out of a scale of 1-6 (1 being calm and 6 being treacherous). A good time was had by the Blandford Clan.

We relished the scenery,

had fits of excitement through rapids,

then jumped in,

and the water was fine.

After white-water rafting, we rinsed off, changed our clothes and got in Ranjith's van for a BEAUTIFUL ride east to Haputale, the heart of tea country.

We drove five hours through rolling hills

and tea plantations

until we reached our 2 day mountainside cottage

just in time for tea

and more spectacular views.

Stay tuned for day 4 as Mtnwve adventures off to tour a bonafide Sri Lankan tea factory.

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TheMoms said...

Ok this ages me, but the first movie I ever saw in a "real" movie theater (as opposed to a hall with a sheet pinned up for a screen) was Bridge over the river Kwai. all I remember of it was feeling sick from the carchasing scenes, and awed at being in a theater