not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Saturday, September 30, 2006


little bro has landed in lanka! big daddy drove us to the airport last evening. traffic was beastly so zach was standing outside with his surfboard and fully stocked with duty-free goodies when we drove up with our MOUNTAINWAVE ADVENTURE TOUR sign:)

he jumped into the van and we sped off into the night. big daddy was anxious to get home to home cooked hoppers (a lankan snack) and zach was anxious to STOP TRAVELING. A 40 hour transit!! I don't blame him. Most would have looked a bit wilted but Zach was all smiles and glowing joyful.

we're going to a pub tonight to watch some futebol and then a colleague's housewarming party but not too late cuz tomorrow morning EARLY we begin our fabulous adventure. MountainWave Adventure Tour: elephants, botanical gardens, white water rafting, a few nights in tea-country (mtns) in a cottage with a fireplace (and they say we'll need it!!), and then down south for some good 'ole surf and sand time. we're not quite packed but we have the important things laid out: frisbee, zach's board, the binos, camera(s), and books (sketch books, fiction, journals, atlas, memoirs, magazines).

We will have our cellular phone technology juiced up a few times a day in case you need to reach the Dawgies over the next week. There are a few of you that are so HERE in spirit that I think I might pack ya in my bag!! :)

Not sure when the next blog will be but it'll be good, we promise.

Love and peace,
Zach & Leo & Sara



have fun

Doug said...

Great foto! Zack looks awful good for a 40 hour commute. Leo, is that a streak of gray on your hairline??? Where is my beloved daughteril who should have been in the foto?
love, daddio