not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, September 22, 2006

friends at work

This has been a challenging week for me. I am having a bit of an identity crisis of sorts with my project. I have doubts left right and center, I serve as a bridge between two institutions and I don't really feel that either side is sincere in it's interest in sustaining what I am putting in place over the long haul...and I am even wondering if what I'm putting in place is appropriate in this context.

Important issues and questions but much of my present mood is because I'm tired and ready for a vacation....normally I have a slightly better outlook.

What has saved me from shedding tears of frustration and desperation is my friends at work.
God Bless all these beautiful people, the loving support our connection provides, past present and future "friends at work". They are relationships that I do not take for granted and that I am extremely grateful for.

We remind each other to laugh, we make fun of each other, we are honest, we remember things about each other's lives, we pay attention, we look at each other closely, we listen, we cry, we yell, we fart, we ask and care how our evenings and weekends were.

Here in Colombo I have two office mates. One is french, the other irish. They are the best. Dramatic, beautiful, charismatic, brilliant superheroes that have lived and worked and sweated here for 20 years. Leo and I have laughed and learned a lot from them both. They have enfolded us. Thank youuuuu~~

The countdown continues: 7 days until our brother Zach's arrival. Yahoooooooooo~

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