not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, July 31, 2006

hot lips hoolahan

We arrived home safe and sound yesterday afternoon from Anuradhapura. It was a good weekend. Tourist stuff, work stuff, all went well and we have some great pictures to show for it. Maybe this weekend we'll work on putting some together for a blog.

It is SOOOO HOT in Sri Lanka these days!! It's 10-ish Monday night and 91 degrees in the computer room at the moment with no breeze. I feel like an oven. Yesterday we loaded up on fruit in the car because we kept passing yummy fresh fruit and veggie stands along the road. Lychee fruit (here they are called rombutang), mangosteen, and mangos. These fruits are said to give heat to the body and someone just last week warned me not to eat too many. Well, I ate too many. I have little tiny fever blisters along the roof of my mouth and my lips. Tiny tiny ones which are not visible but I can feel them. The man who warned me last week saw me today and I told him about my blisters......too much heat like a burn on the mouth!

Time for some serious water-guzzling to rehydrate.

Thanks to all of you sending safe traveling vibes our way over the weekend.

Congrats to Rebecca and Scott. Friday was their wedding. And to Matt and Diana who celebrated their anniversary.


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Uncle Bud said...


I am guessing that the fruit has a high acid content, which burned your mouth.

Thinking of you and Leo,

P.S. Today is Della's Birthday.