not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

fuel strike

there is a fuel strike in sri lanka.
not sure how long it'll last but today most gas stations were closed.
i saw only one open and there were vehicles of all sizes and shapes lined up as far as my lil eye could see AND a mass of folks STANDING in line at the pumps with empty containers of all sizes and shapes (water bottles, coke bottles, tupperware-ish ones, cans, jars, whatever....)
across town a friend of mine got stuck in a "clash" involving lots of angry people wanting to fill their big and little tanks, an empty station, and a team of police armed with machine guns. the police began firing warning shots in the air to disperse the crowd. it worked. the friend was in a tuktuk trying to get back to the office. not sure how long this strike will last. probably only a day or two.....i hope. lots of people walking home from work tonight. i thought the sky looked a bit clearer as i hoofed it home.

by the way, any of you seen the flick called AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH? s'posed to be great. maybe this weekend? we'll meet you at the theater in spirit for the matinee around 4:00pm on Saturday.

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