not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The alarm rang at 5am. I turned it off less than a second later and fell asleep again with a smug smile and tucked in a cuddle with my best friend.
A little before 7am I reluctantly got up, showered.
Rohani came around that time. Toast, coffee, chatting, sweating.
Big Daddy was downstairs and took me to work (tuktuk).
My energy level was at about 40% all day. A sleepy hazy fog between me and effeciency.
I gave a presentation and it was ok....fine but not GREAT.
I met Erik and Leo for dinner. We had good laughs and good beer (first in a few days since Colombo was "dry" for 7 days because of Vesak) and good pizza.
Now we're home. I'm blogging to "The Bearded", a recording from a live recording on the radio a few months back. Kyle is awesome. So is Matt. Missing the clan back in Knoxville.
Gonna settle in for a bit of SouthPark DVD for a good laugh. Love y'all, Sara

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Doug said...

Nice pic...reminds me of the 'Leo Beer' from Thailand. Lion beer, Leo beer...I see a theme here...dlb