not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, May 21, 2006

sunday evening bliss

leo and erik bought playstation 2 today
erik's room has been rearranged into the game room
chips, guacamole, beer, superglued hands to controllers
bloodshot eyes from 7+ hours of combat, strategy, saving the world
happy boy energy eminates from the room
i am left with time and space for me which feels really nice on a sunday evening.
i've written a few letters, listening to music, cooked a good pasta meal with salad (which the guys actually paused their game and came to the table for). earlier today while the boys were shopping for ps2, i bought some little home things. i've been blissed out, figuring out where to put things, spreading the new tablecloth, being HOME with good tunes and happy boys.....i loved today. and now I am about to shower, read for a little bit, and turn in for a nice long night of sleeeeep. i can't wait to climb into bed. the sheets are freshly washed and dried by the sun. i love that.

May this coming week be peaceful and joyful for all of us, east west north south
Light and love streak the skies circling the earth, finding you where you are, and lifting your healthy, joyful, loving essence up.
We are thankful for all of you.

sara, leo, and erik

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Uncle Bud said...

I visited your blog today. It is nice to catch up on the Sri Lanka news. I think I like Leo with a little bit more hair. I have not become accustomed to the skin head look.