not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

fungus among'us

i arrived a bit early. it was a small house with a long driveway sandwhiched between business buildings and across from a buddhist temple. there were about 30 people waiting outside in the heat. I navigated my way inside where 30 more people were waiting. I continued to nudge my way to the receptionist and let her know I had arrived. I made my way slowly back outside to wait. People were bloated with heat, myself included. Clothing clung, flies pestered enough to swat. No where to sit. 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 MISS SARA (yesssssss). I nudged my way back in. The wooden door opened and I slid in. I sat down in front of a smiling but tired doctor. He asked me what my problem was with a sincere smile. I got a few weird spots on my back, I said. White patches....almost like I put sunscreen dots on my back and laid out in the sun. I have more and more patches everytime I look in the mirror. The doc took a look and nodded his head knowingly. "You have a fungus madame"......"A FUNGUS?!"......"Yes. Very common for the tropics. I will give you a special cream to use for a few weeks. It will clear up soon."

a FUNGUS?! gross...but i was kind of proud in a gross made me feel 7 years old. I couldn't wait to tell Leo and if I was anywhere near Erik and Matt and Jess and Zach and mom and y'all, I'd be like, I HAVE A FUNGUS!

(inspired by my very own)
ther'zzz ayyy fungus among'gus
now where can it be
above us, below us
no fungus i see

a fungus among'gus
now what's that you say,
you see it and it's sittin' on MEEEE?

ther'zzzz ayyyyyyy
fungus among'gus
it be on meeeeeee
on my nose, on my toes,
no not none of those

on my back,
that's a fact
the fungus among'us
is chillin' like a villain
makin' fungus on meeeee.


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em said...

girl...only you could take fungus as inspiration for creative, hilarious output. hope you're not hurting or itchin' or feelin' icky.

rub a dub dub