not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tuk-tuk ride in Cambodia (Watch the video)

Watch the video

This tuk-tuk video is the first installment of the Cambodia adventure. I've lately realized that there are many kinds of tuk-tuks that are used in various countries. I am becoming a tuk-tuk fanatic. The tuk-tuks in Sri Lanka are different from the ones in Thailand which are different from the ones in Cambodia. Unfortunately we missed out on the tuk-tuk ride in Thailand, but that will come soon enough. Bangkok Airport is a major hub in Asia, so Sara and I will be through there again before too long. Not much explanation is needed for the video. We rode around in a tuk-tuk to visit the temples in Siem Reap, and the last day we took a tuk-tuk to the airport. The second installment of the temple tour is in production now.

The music on the video is a replay of a song by The Bearded. I felt guilty that the song, "Several Shots of Courage" was cut short in the "Tuk-tuk Ride in Sri Lanka" video. I made sure the whole song is played through this time. More songs of The Bearded are available on their website. I recommend ordering a CD, all their songs are great. They sometimes play live on WDVX. We're even able to listen to the station from Sri Lanka on-line. They are worth tuning in.

The footage is really shaky. Tuk-tuks are a pretty bumpy ride. But, stay tuned for the next calm installment of E & L's Excellent Adventure series, "The Ancient Temple Tour."

Some jerk misspelled Angkor Wat in the video. I think it was the pirate (calls himself the White Dragon) there will be disciplinary action taken immediately to ensure spell check is operational on all out going messages.


TheMoms said...

Thanks for the tuk-tuk ride...I'm car sick! Can't wait to hear "the rest of the story"!! Can't wait until we get to join the tour! We read you with baited breath everyday! It's better than TV!! Thanks for the great entertainment! We're nominating you for best foreign film of the year at next year's Oscars! And thanks to you we have a blog site! The Moms

Doug said...

You can listen live-stream online to music?! That means you have hi-speed internet! Dude, I won't get it for at least five years, which is the ONLY negative in my lifestyle (Country).
The boyz are happy yet dirty (country).
I'm riding over to the Atlantic beach tomorrow, will spend a three day Holy day weekend with one of our you...pops

Chaz said...

What happened to the Maldives vid?