not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

three times a tuktuk

This morning I got in the tuktuk of our neighbor Big Daddy, on my way to work. He says, "Tomahrow yo hazband coming no? Tomahrow you vill be verrrrry happy no?" Love that he is on countdown right along with me :)

Midday, I again found myself in a tuktuk. Driving slowly through a hoard of schoolboys, peering in to see the white lady. I heard lots of boys yelling "helloooooo, howa-uuuuuu" after we had passed. Practicing their English. Then there was a little chap who could see me coming from a distance and thus had plenty of time to come up with something creative. Stark white school uniform, blue knee socks sagging below knobby 11 year old knees, beautiful dark eyes. As we approached him, he puffed up his chest, leaned in and said with a little rascal bad boy smile, "Terrorist!"

And good day to you young sir.

trying on a word like I used to try on dad's shoes. not to wear, just to pretend. sigh....why is an 11 year old calling me a terrorist? maybe the ants demonstrated at his school this morning? or does he think i'm danish, norwegian, american, british, or just your average white neo-colonialist? or is it just the new term for different looking people? more racial slurs, that's yesterday. get with the politics yo....are kids in schools back home calling each other that? probably....sadly enough.

end of the day, I took a third tuktuk to meet 4 friends for pizza. plans for sunday brunch, (which will include both Blandfords!!) were made :)

and so it was, my day by way of tuktuk rides.

wishing all of you a good day

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