not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Striving toward wokeness

Pulling a book from the shelf, flip the pages to find some church for the day, I find this, a blessing by Jan L. Richardson that feels like a preparation, like setting the coordinates, tuning my instrument:

"May God send you
the messengers you most need.
May you abide
the work they come
to do in you:
the piercing, paring labor
of laying bare.
May you move
with freedom
in the direction of the path
the messengers
make within you.
May you walk
with desire and delight
along their welcoming way."

...and if their way is unwelcoming, 
still, may we abide the work.

I think of my Self, my Work a woman, as a white woman, as a mother and wife in a multi-racial family, as a Christian, as a follower of Buddhist psychology, as an ally of all religions that inspire us to Love One Another, as a therapist, as an Earth Mother/gardener/guardian of the sources of life around me, medicine woman, circle-maker, as a US citizen, as a voter locally and nationally, as a friend, as a sister and daughter, niece and granddaughter, as a neighbor, as one who is striving toward wokeness and knowing I have so very much to learn and do...

And the second and final blessing of my homemade, woman-made worship, again Jan L. Richardson:

"May you go
into the complicated places
with courage
with wisdom
with the protection of God
who meets you there."

Blessings to the week ahead and may we be woke to and abide the work that is ours to do. Thank you Messengers. 

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