not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, November 26, 2012

This day of a great big round belly

There are two babies growing inside of me.
Precious bodies, getting fatter by the day, stretching me 
in the many ways. Body, mind, spirit.

Nearing the end of this season of growing on the inside, people say funny things like, "I bet you're ready for those babies to come out!"  And yes, I am excited to meet them, see them, smell them, snuggle them, and watch as they become more and more themselves, but I am very much content to remain in the day.  This day of a great big round belly.  I'm in love with the quiet intimacy of these babies having their beginning, their very first unfolding within me. I can feel each and every movement they make.  I know they are safe and warm and cuddled by my very bones and tissues.  I am in love with this day made all the more precious because of the impermanence of time.  For at some moment very soon, these two little people will decide that it's time to join us on the outside. 

It has been a long time coming, this pregnancy--these children very much desired.  My husband and I have been supported from all sides from the tribe and beyond.  It takes a village, it takes a tribe, to even have come this far.  Each day has been a milestone, something to celebrate and behold with our complete presence and gratitude.  

I once fell in love with a poem by Hafiz called Circles and I remember reading it and yearning for the day when my belly would be round and swollen with life.  That day is today and while I move slow and rest often, and struggle to find clothes that stretch over this ever growing belly, I am the most blissed out, thankful pregnant woman I can possibly be.  Today, I read this poem with the last line shining bright...for my husband, my babies, and I stand where we stand because we are surrounded by love and support from you, our Infinite Community of Light~

Circles by Hafiz

The moon is most happy
When it is full.

And the sun always looks
Like a perfectly minted gold coin

That was just Polished
And placed in flight
By God's playful Kiss.

And so many varieties of fruit
Hang plump and round

From branches that seem like a Sculptor's hands.

I see the beautiful curve of a pregnant belly
Shaped by a soul within,

And the Earth itself,
And the planets and the Spheres--
There is something about circles
The Beloved likes.

Within the Circle of a Perfect One

There is an Infinite Community
of Light.


della said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. I feel blessed to be a part of your tribe and I have enjoyed the journey with you two. Those two little babies have been so fortunate to be a part of you, warm and comfortable and snuggled in your body. Thank you for the reminder of staying present and enjoying each day, not wishing it away to the next one. Each day is precious and meant to be enjoyed.

Susan said...

How beautiful - I loved the poem as well. It is wonderful that you are enjoying this time rather than complaining. I get sad when I think I will never experience those nestled babies in my womb again... Blessings on you!

sarahmk said...

Sara, I just couldn't be happier for you. I remember feeling content like that when I was pregnant. Wanting to meet that little being, but not in a hurry. You, Leo, and your little ones are dear to me even though we have only met once or twice! Sending you lots of love.

Anna said...

i have been thinking of you lately. so glad to know that every moment is filled with contentment and love. so happy for you all!