not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, January 29, 2012

reaching out beyond ourselves

It is by reaching out beyond ourselves and connecting with the other generations that we begin to know our place at the sacred circle.

My grandparents live far away and in the age of Twitter feeds and a million apps, I remain awed and thankful for the miracle of the telephone for it is the way I remain connected to the every-day reality of my grandparents lives, and they mine.

My grandfather, whose voice and body are clutched by the grips of Parkinsons' disease, persists with patient grace. I myself have learned to be patient, to allow the phone to ring nine times, ten times, and then once he answers, to wait as he positions himself and readies his voice for speaking. Not as many words are spoken, less like chatter and more like poetry and oh how it feeds me. My grandmother, each and every time I call, responds the same way, "What a wonnnnnnderful surprise!" as if we haven't spoken in years. I love that. It feels good to be so welcomed, so embraced. The very timbre of their voices are part of the home of my heart.

There is something powerful and necessary that happens as we reach beyond ourselves to the other generations, both to the elder ones, as well to the younger ones.

For it is in our reaching that we are stretched into a deeper humility, a quieter reverence, and an understanding of where it is we fit in the tribal landscape.

And over time we realize that it is in fact our very reaching for one another that forms the sacred circle.


Doug said...

Beautiful post...again ;)

della said...

As I read the post, I heard the voices of your grandparents myself. They are wonderful examples of aging with grace, more than one kind of grace. you have such a gift of giving voice to others and to yourself. I look forward to your posts and the voices that you give us. LOVE YOU LOTS.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Love the post!!! :)

Edinburgh Flats said...

You have a really nice post here. good work.

Anonymous said...

Such truth!! I can hear G&Gs voices in the echoes of my head...tears brim to think of their eagerness to share in our lives and always receive us with love & grace! Thanks for sharing your post- love you!


Anonymous said...
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reebok21 said...
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