not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, December 02, 2011

Good morning scattered tribe~

Happy Friday everyone...
My tribe is scattered today, some in transit (my beloved with a long train of a truck) and others having arrived but far away. Erik is foraging for goodness in the rainforest of northern Australia, Tina's in Germany, Leo's somewhere between Lansing and Wellfleet (closer to Lansing at this point). So, I woke up feeling how small the world seems --Precious ones hither and yon but I feel them close.

To get into the Friday morning groove, here's a little ditty for you by Michael Franti called Hello Bonjour and it's about the world without borders, it's about the Tribe scattered but connected...Bumps to Michael for his Portugues~

So hello, Bonjour, Ola, BON DIAAAA~


joyce matula welch said...

Thanks for sharing this video. What a great pick me up for a Saturday morning!

della said...

I am back from my travels myself. I heard that Leo made it safe and sound. I am surse that you two are busy unloading. What a task for a busy time of year. Today is laundry day for me and maybe putting out MY decorations for the season. Love you!!!!

CHAIM said...


Alexia said...

Tribe was scattered indeed but well loved as usual! So good having Leo spend the night with us! Loved catching up and finally introducing him to Cedella. Sending much love to you, but hoping the next visit we get to see you too!!

P.S. Love Michael Franti and this song!!

Anonymous said...