not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, October 30, 2011

me lately

I was super bored last Sunday at work, MY LAST SUNDAY SHIFT UNTIL NEXT MAY!!! so I took a few pictures of myself, the "me lately" pics. It's been awhile since I've shown my face :) Today was my first free Sunday here on the Cape since last May. Leo and I attended a holy halloween service at the UU church in Brewster which warmed my soul in the middle of this nor-easter wind and rain chillin' our bones (high winds and rain, no snow for us). The theme of the service was honoring our ancient ones, our ancestors, bringing in the new season of quiet, of darkness, of reflection and remembering. I remembered many, my father, my mama-in-law, and a
friend of ours died just yesterday. Phil Pollard. A whimsical, creative, open and loving special soul. It was the place for us to be this morning. I appreciated the message, the community that gathered, the opportunity to remember in fellowship (thanks Monica). We're now home. Football is on TV. Banana bread in the oven (Eva's recipe), the house smells yummy. My mom is on her eastward journey. She'll arrive tomorrow, moving in, begining a new job here on the Cape. I'm so proud of her, and of Tina and Mom for "moving confidently in the direction of their dreams" of living out here full-time.

The Great Spirit moves within and across our lives in large and intimate ways, blessings abound and look how we are stretched, and see how we grow, and oh how much we are learning, learning.

Bowing in remembrance, in welcoming anticipation, and with thanksgiving for this rich and strange and wonderful ride.

Love to you in your many directions~


della said...

It is great to see your lovely face. That shirt is kind of 'funky'. I am glad that the snow missed you, still fall here in Michigan. Happy Halloween!!!

Doria said...

Lovely indeed. Im dreading the winter, dark and cold weather. Brrrr! I can't wait to feel the sunshine burning its warmth into me again :) Ahhhh!