not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Elder time

Elders are the roots of our tender growing. We open ourselves and our cups are filled. History and lore, what a beautiful way to learn. From the mouths of ones own tribe.

Even the quiet, together times when nothing is being said but much is being shared through presence alone, even these and especially these moments are the ones that I tuck away as greatest blessings...Erik and I made our way to Sioux Falls, South Dakota a few months back to spend some time with our grandparents.

It was days before my grandfather's 92nd birthday, and they celebrated their 60-somethingth wedding anniversary while we were there. This last picture is them looking through their wedding album, Gramps with an LED-flashlight to see better by, Gram recalling the stories that went along with the images...

Blessings abound. Eldertime, grounding ourselves, rooting down, listening to where and what we come from, and also sharing what we've learned and what we've seen and experienced out there in the world....what this tree, this tribe is becoming. It is a gift to them as well.


Anonymous said...

Such a tender, awesome reality. Your histories and your mutual tending of a deep relationship.

Love these pictures and all the love stories represented here.

Big love to Ruth and Henry and all the branches.

xo, Em

Eva Schoon said...

Love this post. Told Gram she is on the front page of your blog!! She is back online :-)

MountainWave said...

Gram on-line, she's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Precious times. I am so greatful for them and what they are for you. Mom

Reuben said...

Glad to see this happened! Was jealous of all the Siouxland people that got to see you...sigh. Next time!