not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, March 06, 2011

A ramble on transfiguration and the wise-vibe

So, today's kind of a big deal in the liturgical calendar. Great story, I can totally picture it...Jesus gets a few of his buddies to go on a hike with him to the top of a mountain. And when they get up there, his whole body fills with light. And then Moses shows up, and then Elijah shows up, and then God speaks out of a cloud. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. Transfiguration Sunday, the Sunday before Lent.

I can't help but wonder if any of his buddies that morning were like, I do not feel like goin' on this hike today. My feet hurt, I got nets to mend at home...

Lately I've had conversations with people about scheduling and being social versus focusing inward. We're all striving for balance with the precious resource of time. The extroverts trying to make sure to save some time for solitude and introspection, the introverts pushing themselves to get involved or get out there a little more.

So that's what I'm thinking when I read the Transfiguration story this morning. About if the friends had passed up the hike that day and missed out on that mountaintop moment in exchange for staying home and mending their nets....I mean, they wouldn't have known ahead of time what they were missing.

And that's just it. Sometimes it's hard to know when to stay home and mend the nets, and when to hike the proverbial mountain. I screw up sometimes. I miss out on things because I stay home rejuvenating in solitude. Other times I agree to things that don't feed me just for the sake of "doing something" or making others happy when I really need to be home gittin' it done, or resting.

If we're tuned into that inner compass---it's not so hard to discern what to do. Inner compass, intuition, divine intervention, being aware of your own needs...whatever it is, it's a Wise vibe. It whispers us to the mountaintops, it helps us find time and peace in our days to mend our nets. Yet another aspect to the art of living---keeping in tune with the wise-vibe.

That's all from MountainWave today.
Be well dear ones, have a good week.
Wise-vibe be loud and clear to yas.


Anonymous said...

oooo, woulda loved to be by the sea with you yesterday for that service.

Thanks for your externalized ruminations here. Amen.

Did Lectio with this passage recently with Suzanne. Love that cloud of witnesses, those that have gone before, that show up when needed. Some of the only people that might have any glimpse of an idea or small understanding of what Jesus is going through and will go through.

Mending my net today after going up on the Shanti mountain this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Great Ramble Sara, I'm still working on that balance and trying to remember to listen to the wise- vibe. Thanks for the reminder. Mom