not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ptown kitty.
That looks soooo good.
Sittin' home, in a sunny spot, watching the day go by.

Another research paper turned in last night, the last one for Social Research I. And we don't skip a beat. Today I'll start to prepare for the next course, Social Research II which starts on Friday: Downloading statistics software, reading, reading, reading. And Japan and Libya seem to remain a constant backdrop to everything I'm doing. How can Ann Curry still not know about Family Tracing? I was soooo waiting for her to plug the ICRC website last night. Not that it's the magic solution but it's a tool, it's something, it's better than Well, it's going to be tough..., back to you Mike. The Japanese shelters have lists of names posted up. Sweet... The authorities seem to be handling the dead in organized and responsible ways. Very important for a host of reasons including the ability to take those names off "the Missing" list. This is what happens to my mind when I'm watching news.

Redirecting my sails....Onward! to the home of my elder this morning, dreaming of a sunny spot at home, praying for Japan and Libya and beyond~


Doria said...

Dreaming of a sunny spot here too. It's rainy and quite ducky. I'm waiting for the sun, but I just don't know.

della said...

We are watching the sunshine, listening to the news and waiting for spring. Maybe it will be 50 degrees today. Wouldn't that be nice.Good luck on the next research project. I hope you are saving this work. Maybe a book some day???