not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, February 10, 2011

where is your village?

Several times lately, I have heard people refer to Wellfleet as a village. It feels like a village, and I smile in remembrance of conversations past with friends in West Africa asking me, Where is your village? Back then, I lived in Washington DC which has a slightly different feel than this tiny nook. I wish I could show my friends these pictures. This is my village. My village is Wellfleet.


Doria said...

What a lovely village! I need a village! :)

Anonymous said...

What great pictures and such a wonderful village. I'm almost there. Mom

Anonymous said...

I spent the afternoon with the refugee women's sewing circle here in Lansing and14 women from Bhutan, Somalia, Iraq, Eritrea, Afghanistan were busily bent over their machines sewing, chatting, giggling and helping each other. We had tea and talked about what it was like for them to come from a village and settle in a city(Lansing) where they don't know their neighbors and don't have the language to get to know their neighbors. How do you go from community reliance to self reliance? "Where is your village?" Dikke

Bennett and Graves said...

We can make where we live our village, large or small. Thanks for sharing yours.