not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, December 24, 2010

God Jul, Merry Christmas Eve

God Jul, Merry Christmas Eve! Tonight is the most precious of the Christmas season in the Norwegian tradition. O holy night. And all of the hours of this day are held sacred. Here on the Cape this morning we have a little sunshine breaking through. We will bring the Norwegian God Jul alive by being outside in the beauty, sharing a special meal tonight with bubbly wine, exchanging our presents, and going to a candlelit old wooden church by the seaside. Looking forward to all of it. There might be a little P-town perusing in the middle of all that, the art galleries and weird and wacky shops. We are having a fab-time with Zachary and Julie. Playing games, going to the movies, sharing scrumptious meals, our evening time lit by candles, swapping stories new and old, hugs and simple Presence. All gifts. All precious. We are extremely thankful to share this sacred season with them.

Tonight, in Michigan, in Florida, in Kentucky, Seattle, Sri Lanka, England, Thailand, Korea, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Virginia, DC, Oregon, Texas, Norway, France, Germany, and beyond, we will light candles to celebrate this moment, we light candles whose dancing flame represent our loved ones far away who are with us in Spirit, we light candles for those who've died whose flame lives eternal in us, we light candles for Peace and Mystery. Flickering flames around the world, connected by Grace and Love.

O holy night, the stars are brightly shining,
And as we look up, we are all under the same beautiful sky.


Dylan said...

So beautiful Sara! Hugs and kisses to u all! Merry Christmas Eve!

Anonymous said...

So sweet. Beautiful picture. We are thinking of you too. The truck is packed and we're on our way to the ferry. Hope you got my package. Love to you all. With you in Spirit at your beautiful church tonight. xo

Susan said...

Lovely, Sara! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Doug said...

Peace be with You...hope to talk to you soon :)

della said...

God Jul to all of you. I love those Norwegian traditions. I remember that one snowy evening in coleman as we went to the graveside and lit candles in the snow.