not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Elf time...

I. LOVE. TODAY. (big smile, blissed out in every way)
It is December 1st and while I love every first day of every month because it feels like a new beginning and I get to flip the calendar, this particular day is one of my favorites. It marks the beginning of my personal Christmas season. While Macy's and Walgreens have been in full swing since Halloween, I always wait until December 1st before I pull out my Christmas music, before decorating, before even thinking in those terms. It is a sacred season, everything about it and I like to keep it defined and focused and special. So as of today I am an official Elf in the first degree. I might even watch the movie tonight, perhaps my very favorite of all the Christmas movies. First experienced in Sri Lanka with Erik and Leo, laughing my backside off, and it never gets old.

Another reason I have a beautiful feeling is because I get to pick up my elder from the nursing home tomorrow and bring her home. Amen amen amen to the beautiful feeling SHE'S going to have being in her own space again. I'll go early in the morning to freshen things up a bit. Wind the clocks and dust (she's got the best old clocks...I wish I could show you). Pick up a few groceries. Turn up the heat.

Besides being my first day of Christmas, today is World Aids Day and a classmate of mine, of Cape Verdian descent, is in Cape Verde doing Aids work today. She works in this capacity here on the Cape, and had an opportunity to be part of World Aids Day work/commemoration in Cape Verde. She and her son are there and I'm thinking of them, sending them good vibes for all they are seeing, doing, and feeling today.

Also today, my best girlfriend's dad is having a heart procedure done. Sending my plethora of blissed out good vibes to Jeff and his medical team.

Blessings from Cape Cod in all directions. Kentucky, Michigan, Florida, Germany, Texas, California, Bulgaria, Washington, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, Norway, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cape Verde, Burma, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korean peninsula, and beyond. You know who you are, precious lights.

Love you all.


della said...

We received snow in honor of December 1st here in N. Michigan. Just a light dusting on the ground but snow was in the air all day. Blessings to you, you little elf.

Bennett and Graves said...

Hey to you too East Coast Elf! Thank you for the gift of Mary Oliver's poetry thru your and Emily's blogs. I carry a copy of
The Journey in my day planner.
Merry Christmas! Gayle