not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, October 29, 2010

she brought with her the sunshine

Emily arrived yesterday afternoon and she brought with her the sunshine. Ours is a friendship I've cherished for many years, since school days; harmonically tuned witnesses to each others unfolding lives, and fellow enthusiastic admirers of a great many things.

She'll be here for a week, relaxing in the trees and sun and sand, and in between class and work and studies, I'll grab that hand and walk, talk, laugh and cry (and my favorite, laugh-so-hard-we-cry).

She and Leo have things planned tonight and tomorrow while I'm at class. Movies and a certain green jersey'd football game are on the docket I believe.

Blessings to friendship and together times and this beautiful feeling~


Anonymous said...

Might you also wash feet and watch OOA Have a great time. Mom

Anonymous said...

I love being here. No feet washing or OOA yet, but plenty of walking and talking and mutual sighing and mmming, Dikke. We might squeeze and ELF viewing in.


Sarah MK said...

Hi, Em and Sara! Thinking about you two. xoxo