not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Freaking out about government spending? I got three words for you.

So, I'm reading up on basic economic theory. And before that comes even close to impressing you, it's for school.

Why basic economic theory isn't something we're all required to know as American citizens is beyond me because this stuff is so...RELEVANT! Want to make intellectual conclusions about our current economic/political situation? I got three words for you: Basic economic theory. Want to know if the person you're thinking of voting for in November knows something about the economy or is just blowing smoke along Party lines to get your vote? Basic economic theory.

Why do we need to know any of this? Because...not all politicians find it beneficial to take right action for a healthy economy. At times, doing so might not be very popular. George Bush Sr had integrity when it came to economic stewardship but he lost his chance at being re-elected by "doing the right thing." He took action to bring about increased economic health and got slammed by his own Party for doing so.

Obama is getting slammed from all sides for trying to bring our country out of a serious recession and he's doing the right things if history has anything to teach us. (Major) government spending is necessary in a (major) recession.

People who are freaking out about how much the government has spent/is spending, need to chill out and settle in with an American history book and some John Maynard Keynes. If we were better informed about good fiscal and monetary policy, we would vote for good stewards, support good stewardship, and demand it when it's not happening.

I'd love to discuss this stuff with my Dad who is probably lookin' down on me right now and nodding his head, chuckling to himself as I sit here, learning learning learning...

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Anonymous said...

I guess if you want a few to survive and bring a few along, huge government spending in a recession does not make sense. If you want to help a broad spectrum of people in our country to survive and thrive, we need to have government spending, not only for the banks and car companies, but for job stimulation for the common people.All the infrastructure, road maintenance, etc. that we have to deal with right now is exactly what needs to happen to let a majority of us keep on doing life, the way we expect to do life.At stake is, do we want to support the the rich few so they can dole out overflow or do we want an equal distribution that gives most of us a little boost a year at a time. Mom