not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, September 13, 2010

we share the same center

Concentric circles are circles that share the same center. They fit inside one another. These are the circles that happen when a pebble is dropped into the water. This is the feeling I have when I am with my tribe. A strong feeling that I am one of those circles, surrounded by others, and we share the same center.

I am bussin' it to Boston this morning, flying out, meeting my brother in Minneapolis this afternoon, renting a car and driving to South Dakota tonight to visit my Grandparents. I'm looking forward to sitting side by side with my brother, listening to stories that my Grandparents will tell, watching their faces, their hands, and feeling that feeling of circles inside of circles, "we share the same center" the 4 of us, and the presence of my father's circle will be felt too.

Blessings on the road and in the air, on your comings and goings, for Erik and I and everyone else who is traveling today, and to the precious ones awaiting our return.


Alexia said...

Have a wonderful trip! Enjoy the time with Erik and your grandparents ; )

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, yes. The same center. Safe, meaningful travels.

della said...

Give my love to Henry and Ruth. Those two are wonderful. I am glad that you and Erik have this opportunity to be with them.

Doug said...

pass on our love and greetings to Henry and Ruth, whom I'll never forget meeting while attending your wedding.

Give a squeeze to Erik for us and please be safe in your travels.

Anonymous said...

We do share the same center...Blessings... Mom