not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Jessemin is awesome

Our friend Jessemin (who we met in Sri Lanka, he's from Western Mass, he worked for Rustic Pathways and told us all about it once upon a time over a Lion beer and sunset over the Indian Ocean) sent us a super cool package with Leo's winter gloves which Erik had borrowed to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro and gave to Jessemin to summit who gave them to three other people to summit and then managed to somehow get them back and return them to us! Our gloves made it to the top 5 times. Sweet. And wrapped up in the package was a can of Kilimanjaro beer, the tag line of which is "If you can't climb it, drink it" and a tshirt that says the same and a pair of uber-cool earrings which are flattened Kili-beer bottle caps with hooks. Diggin' it Jesse. We're grinnin' from ear to ear. The tshirt has been claimed by Leo but I'm wearing it first :) My hope and dream and plan is to summit that Mountain with you and Erik and Leo and any other Tribe that wants to join us!

To dreamin' and makin' it real, to friends like you, to the latitudes and longitudes of this sweet sphere and all the amazing things happening in every little place, to being Awake to it all, to all of this, we raise our Kili-beer in your direction Jesse~


Anonymous said...

Hats off to you dude! By the way a lil birdie mentioned Ghana the other day... :)

della said...

you even have well traveled clothes and your dreams are fantastic. I love that about you two.

Jessemin Sage said...

hell yeah! stoked y'all enjoyed! ;-) can't wait to catch up soon, whether its while we climb kili, surf sri lanka, or just try to tame the wilds of cape cod or harlem with the rest MountainWave Tribe.