not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

real rich

Morning light gently waking
Stretching smiling little Buddha
Go out into the world in peace to love and serve, says the priest on Sunday mornings.
I whisper it to myself the other days.

I have work today. Real work, though not a "real job." No insurance. No weekly paycheck. But enough. And I am strong. My body is tan. When I'm tired, I'm tired in my body, not in my mind. Those are wonderful things that I used to dream about being part of my daily life. Digging in the dirt, wading in the water. I get paid for that. Listening to an old woman's stories, helping her to the bathroom. I get paid for that. On many levels.

I remember looking in my Dad's glovebox one day many years ago with my brother. A pile of 1's and a pile of 100's look the same to a child. "Dad, are you rich?"

"I am rich in love. I am rich because I have you," was his response. We groaned. "Daaaaaad, not that kind of rich."

Of course there is only that kind of rich. These short little lives we get to live. And on every death bed, only one kind of rich counts. It is this truth that ripens the fullness and richness of my days.

Smiling stretching little Buddha
Going out into the world in peace.

I am rich in love. I am rich because I have you.


della said...

Thank you for reminding us about how rich we all are.

Anonymous said...

You're a love. I am hungry for this richness and acknowledge that I already "have" this...the Kingdom of God is at hand.

I feel your light these days. You're shinin it - big time.

Thank you, Em

Bennett and Graves said...

Saying I saw awhile back: The best things in life aren't things."

Eva Schoon said...

Love catching up on your blog.
Put a package in the mail to you this afternoon. :-)

Alexia said...

We are all rich indeed. Your father was a wise man dear. Such a great lesson to pass on to your children, even if it took a few years to figure it out ; )

Peace and love to you both