not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Friendly Village, Kentucky visit part 3

St. Martin's, where Leo was baptized and had his first communion.


Uncle Mark Wright, basting the chickens....40 in all!

BBQ Pit Masters Uncle Pat, testing the heat, Uncle Mark Blandford, and Uncle Mark Wright

Noah learned how to tie his shoe that morning....How awesome is that?!

Aunt Doris and Leo

Cousins Jared and Seth

More cousins, Emma and Faith

Julie and Zach

Nadiya was taking pictures throughout the day. She's already got a creative eye...

4 generations: Aunt Marie (Leo's grandfather's sister), Uncle Phil (Papa's bro), Clare (Leo's cousin), and Clare's baby, Griffin.

Mother and child, precious...

Blandfords: almost everybody. Can't help but notice the space in the middle of all of us. There's a statue of Mary behind Aunt Doris and Natalie, but you can't see her. And what a metaphor for Grandmama, who was there in and around us all, even though we couldn't see her.

Sibs: Papa, Uncle Pat, Aunt Doris, Aunt Janet, Uncle Mark, Uncle Phil

I am thankful to be part of the Blandford clan, an open-hearted, open-minded, big-love family. Leo and I were so mindful of the blessing of sharing time together, BEING family. A gift.


della said...

WOW!!!!! what great pictures. A wonderful looking family. I am glad that you all had this time together. Family is precious and I can see once again how family is important to the two of you. Great family, Leo.

Bob Rich said...

Hello. My name is Bob Rich. I'm wondering if Sara Blandford, from the Red Cross, is involved in this blog. I know Sara from the Red Cross. I worked for the American Red Cross in Los Angeles in family tracing, while Sara worked at the American Red Cross headquarters in D.C. I'm hoping to see how Sara is doing, to catch up a little, and to let her know about my continued work in the field of searching for missing persons.
With sincere thamks,
- Bob Rich in Los Angeles,, 310-621-2672

* * *