not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, July 23, 2010


The last time Mom and I rose this early together, just the two of us was my wedding morning and we hiked in the woods. This morning we went to the ocean to watch the sun rise. A coyote crossed our path on the way there, my first birthday gift :) We got to the beach in time to walk a bit and pick a spot to sit before the fiery ball began emerging. Several seals swam by and 4 herons flew over us while we sat. More gifts.

We become more and more our Selves year by year. What an exotic, exquisite dance, this becoming. I am 36 years old today and in the words of our dear friend Asanka, "I have a beautiful feeling. "

I give thanks to the year that came before, and to the year that begins today. So many things to learn, to notice, to understand, to celebrate.

For now, it is the sun rising. It is the 4 herons. It is the coyote and the seals. It is sitting with mom in the cool sand. It is this precious silence.


Anonymous said...

Amen, sweet friend.

And for now (and every day for those of us that adore you) it's you too, this precious life of yours and the way you live it.

Love you, girl.

Happy Birthday,


della said...

Thank you for taking us with you on your morning sunrise walk. Happy Birthday you sweet and wonderful woman. I look back over the memories of those many years and am looking forward to many more to share. I sent out a package on Monday and hope it arrives in time.

karen said...

Thank you for sharing your birthday with us, beutiful young woman. I love that you see gifts around you all the time. I have always been that way too, and I love that we share that kindred spirit. Happy Birthday

kjb said...

There it is...your birthday marked on my calender...but it is hard to see amidst all the craziness of daily life with our little dolphins. A flimsy excuse, yet a genuine one. We send warmest, belated birthday wishes from Sofia and hope the coming year is yet another one filled with contentment, adventure and joy. Many hugs and much love from K, J, N & G-man.