not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, May 16, 2010

shellfish ha'vest

Our neighbor David offered to take us all out shellfishing for wild oysters and clams while Mom and Tina were here. Here they're diggin' for quahogs...

When we got home, Leo shucked these and Mom cooked up a delicious chowder.

And then we searched for wild oysters...

Halfway there...
Mom's been wanting to do this for ages. She was a happy clam out there in her new boots, diggin' up our dinner in the fresh salty air of Cape Cod Bay.

The Moms left for Michigan this morning. I decided not to go to Nantucket with my team so that I could go to church. Jones'in for it this morning. Seeing my friends, hearing the message, participating---one of many voices, aligned and attuned to Goodness.

I've done pretty well regarding the "Waiting" this weekend. Besides about an hour on Friday evening of feeling pretty weary and teary about all of this, I've been able to be present, peaceful, and not totally consumed by speculative thoughts of the future. It's a gorgeous day and I have lots of outdoor projects lining up in my mind. Fun fun...I already love this day.

Blessings to the day, safe travels for the Moms.

Hoping that I hear tomorrow about the job. I'll keep you posted....not that you ever had a doubt! :) Thanks again for following along and sending your precious light and love and good vibes in this direction. I really really appreciate it.


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della said...

It sounds like you had fun 'harvesting' your treats. I'm glad that you had company while you wait this past week. (Not that Leo isn't company but extra people around help pass the time.) Enjoy your outdoor projects today. The sun is shining and the water is a beautiful blue here.