not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Shadow passed on yesterday after 13 years of life. We are grieving our Bobo and celebrating his good life. Many of you knew him. He was a 90-some pound cuddler, he loved pillows and freshly laundered blankets. He loved to go with Papa B. on his runs. He loved road trips. He loved loved loved lookin' out the window. He was a HAUS of a dog, a lover. Suuuuuper chill, intuitive, and just......himSELF.

We've shed some tears over the past 24 hours and memories keep comin'. Thankful for every single one of them.

We are incredibly grateful to Papa B for sharing Shadow with us over the years. Shadow started as Papa's puppy, Leo took him after about a year. When Leo and I became family, we each came with a big dog; and they figured out over time how to be brothers :) From having to be in separate rooms in the beginning to Kodie licking Shadow's "morning face" clean. They were good brothers. Our Yin and Yang. We were the MountainWave Dawgs for many years, the four of us. When we moved to Sri Lanka, Shadow went to live a leash-free life with Papa in North Florida. We're so glad that he got to experience that after many years of city-livin'. It gave us peace to know that Bobo would be in Papa's loving care when we moved overseas. For these last years and for the difficult discernment involved in the past week--especially yesterday--Thank you Papa.

Bobo, our good dog.....

In loving memory


Anonymous said...

Sweet Shadow, because of you I am not afraid of big dogs anymore...such great,sweet memories. Thank you. Dikke

Anonymous said...

Sweet lamby. Thank you for always making me feel welcome with your big lug, big love self. I like that you liked to be right up on people, including my allergic self even though I only hung with you a few days out of your life. Those lunky hugs and leans were worth some wheezing.

della said...

Who wouldn't love that face as it greeted you when you walked into a room. A great dog, even from the point of view of a person who couldn't be accused of being a 'dog lover'.

Doug said...

Oh yeah, the Boathouse will live on, for sure. He sure had some cute nicknames, BTW. And he is sure easy to write about and post pics of, as I'm sure I'll be doing more of. Lord, please help keep me from spoiling Junkyard now...