not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Love one another

I attended a documentary screening of several films yesterday. Locally made and very interesting. One of them was a short by Melissa Yeaw about a local personality known as Ellie, and who was once-upon-a-time, known as Elliot. After watching the film, Ellie and the film-maker stood at the front of the room and answered questions. Ellie is "72 years young" and has attributes of a beautiful woman. She is also a man.

Ellie talked for awhile, giving a testimony of sorts up there in front of us all. The audience was silent with what felt like respect and curiosity and affection. An audience member asked if Ellie considered herself to be a man or woman, straight or gay. Great question, I thought. Ellie was quiet for a moment and then responded with the most beautiful and glowing smile, "I am a human being."

I love that.

My mind and heart swelled...felt like I was in church. I was inspired, reminded...that our most important work in this life is to love one another. Period.

The effervescent vibe of Life surges like lightening bugs and butterflies and I take that to mean that my Dad, in his post-Life-as-we-know-it form, is saying: You got it kid....Love one another.

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