not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, December 31, 2009

I haven't written a blog posting in 10 days. All of my sharing energy has been happening live instead. Christmas gatherings with my family--full of life, of playing in the snow, of talking and laughing and crying, of telling stories and listening and watching each living color. Snowmen, a moonlit walk, giving and receiving, CHILDREN, dogs, food, naps, stimulating conversation, fire in the fireplace, traditions grounding, mother-love enfolding, memories and tenderness for my Dad's absence/special presence among us. We needed this. I needed this. Together-time was theee gift that topped all others.

The different factions of the tribe have all dispersed. Today it's Leo, Erik, and I. We are in Lansing in a quiet house with many empty rooms. Just what I need actually. To let my pieces settle. Reflect. It is New Years Eve. A full moon. A blue moon which means that it's the second full moon this month. I think these events won't converge again for another 18 years--there's something powerful about that, about this day. Extraordinary energy. I'm glad for the silence and simplicity that surrounds me, allowing me to take it in. Resolutions? I haven't sat down yet but I will before the magical is something I look forward to, looking out over the past, and over the pure future; allowing dreams and strivings and mindful intentions to become mileposts....and sitting in Remembrance. Such focusing requires ritual. A lighting of candles...Thinking about many of you. Great blessings to each of you tonight---in this Divine movement of transitioning, on the Eve of a new beginning. Love and light...

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