not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, November 02, 2009

What an amazing day it is already....and it's not even noon yet. That's what happens on Full Moon; the amazing. Here in Knoxville, where Leo and I are this morning, the sun is shining all over a blue sky and fall leaves are dressed to their brightest nines, some have begun to dance to the ground. So, in my little list of blessings this morning, little comes first: I found a "no mistaking it for anything else" grey hair, really white and wiry, among my existing strands. So exciting. My other "grey hair" are a few silvery strands but this one, THIS ONE is a doozie. Wisdom hair extraordinaire I call it and no, it is not lost upon me that since I'm still counting, I have a long way to go on the wisdom spectrum; I'm but a wee lil thing. Speaking of wee lil things, I got a text message yesterday that our tribe has grown! A blessed new little member. A newborn baby boy. Garrick! Welcome to the world little soul. Welcome to the tribe! We are going to love you love you love you along your way...


And it's Uncle Bud's birthday today....happy day Uncle Bud. Love you lots.....and we are going to love you love you love YOU along YOUR way too. Uncle Bud and Aunt Della are about to embark on a multicountry/multiregion tour and have started a blog to share their pictures and experiences with us. I added it to the Links section, "Around the World". Looking forward to following along on their adventures by boat across the Atlantic and all the countries they'll visit.

As I mentioned, we are in Knoxville and soaking up the last few lovely moments with the Campbell clan before heading back to North Carolina. I'm about to play on the floor with my 4 year old sweet friend, Calliope. She is patiently waiting, red ringlets as happy as the day and her Strawberry Shortcake nightgown crumpled from good sleep. "What're you doing Sara?" Sitting on my lap and looking at this screen. "I'm writing a few lines about the day....I'm almost done." The orange and purple balloons are ready, one under each of her little arms....she's got a good game in mind. My normal daily life does not involve such age integration....I am in love with it. I crave it. Little ones, elder ones. I miss that in my life and feel so full and blessed when it happens.

Have an amazing full moon beautiful full-of-blessings day and don't forget to spend a moment admiring the sky tonight....

Love in all directions~

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